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Fast-Recovery Total Joint Therapy

Hospital Without Walls is at the forefront of Joint Replacement Therapy.  Our Fast-Recovery Total Joint Replacement Therapy Program is the best way to speed your recovery from Joint Replacement Surgery.

5 Key Components of our Fast Recovery Joint Therapy are:

  1. 1. Recover in the Comfort of your own Home (No rehab stay required)
  2. 2. Restoration of function to pre-surgical conditions
  3. 3. We Follow your Surgeon’s proven Protocols
  4. 4. Daily Therapy and Nursing visits if necessary
  5. 5. Lovenox and Equipment arrangements made upon admission

All surgical coordination can be completed with Hospital Without Walls well before your surgery.  You and your loved-one will have 24-hour phone access to your assigned Director of Client Services to ensure peace-of-mind for patient and family members before and after surgery. 

Working closely with your surgeon, we can provide Rehab up to 7 days a week in the home, as tolerated to expedite your fast recovery.

A multi-disciplinary approach is utilized to eliminate a stay in a rehab facility after surgery in most cases.

Hospital Without Walls will stay in constant contact with the Hospital performing your surgery, and your physician, to ensure that everything is handled and coordinated appropriately for you.

For more information about Hospital Without Walls one of a kind Fast Recovery Total Joint Replacement Therapy Program, click here, or call us toll free at 877-279-2064.

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