Deciding on Home Health Care

Deciding on home health care may seem like an overwhelming task. Important decisions about home health care are often needed when you are recovering from an illness, wound, surgery, stroke, or many other disabling events. Understanding home health care will help you in making decisions about the care best suited to the needs of you and your family.

When considering home health agencies, use the resources in your community. Ask your friends, your physician, a social worker, family member or a local senior agency for references. Gather information on agencies in your area. Then ask the agency questions.

As a patient, you have the right to choose your own Home Health Agency, and have your choice honored by your medical team including your physician or hospital discharge planner. Be sure to educate yourself on what types of services each Agency offers and choose the one that can best serve your needs.

When selecting your Home Health Care Agency, be sure to ask the following:

  • Does this company offer the types of programs I will need?
  • Who can I call for questions or complaints with the service?
  • Will the Agency call my physician to update my progress?
  • Does the Agency participate in the Medicare/Medicaid program or do they accept my insurance?
  • Are the Agency employee’s properly trained to provide the care I need?
  • Does the agency meet my special needs and respect my cultural preferences?
  • Do they offer support services or can they arrange additional services such as meals on wheels that may be needed?
  • Do they do background checks on their employees?
  • Do they have staff available on nights and weekends?
  • The agency you chose should be able to confidently provide answers to all of these questions.

If you have any questions concerning your home health care needs, contact us using the convenient contact form provided, and thank you for choosing Hospital Without Walls.